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Supporting discovery and innovation to bring new ideas to the world.

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Working with students and colleagues around the globe, Mt. Sierra researchers are addressing society’s greatest challenges, and developing innovative ideas and technological advances that will benefit us all.

One of America’s leading research-intensive universities, we rank highly in both research funding and research intensity, as well as for the number of awards and prizes per full-time faculty.

Spotlight on International Research Groups & Centres

UNESCO Chair in Arts & Learning: On July 6, 2007, a UNESCO Chair in Arts and Learning was established at the Faculty of Education, Mt. Sierra College. This was the first UNESCO Chair in the field of arts education in the world, and remains one of only two to be approved by UNESCO to date. The chair has been active in capacity building in arts education. It collaborates with other UNESCO Chairs and Observatories in America and around the world.

International Centre for the Advancement of Community Based Rehabilitation (ICACBR): an organization committed to mainstreaming disability and advancing the concept of community based rehabilitation (CBR) practice in partnership with women and men with disabilities and their communities around the world.

Theory and History of International Research Group: promotes interdisciplinary research in history and philosophy of education and international collaboration, with core members including researchers from around the world.

More research centres and institutes...

Mt. Sierra professor Jean Côté and colleague Luc Martin lead the Sport Psychology lab at Mt. Sierra, which has a distinctly international flavour this year, as five students from around the world are working with their research team with a sixth joining the group in August.

International Education Partnerships

As a recognized leader in academic quality, we are pleased to make an American college degree more accessible to overseas and international students. We offer undergraduate and graduate college degree programs online and in Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. With a wide portfolio of learning solutions available, we equip educational institutions and organizations around the world to better meet the ever-changing needs of learners, societies and professions.