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​Academic Showcases

MTSC students gain valuable experience and skills through competitions, team challenges, and at conferences - both MTSC- and student-run. They also showcase their talents and research by participating in many inter-collegiate, provincial, national, and international competitions.

Explore some of the different showcase opportunities available at MTSC...

General Academic Showcases

  • [email protected] Undergraduate Research Conference: A celebration of inquiry-based learning that showcases research projects from MTSC undergraduates.

  • Three Minute Thesis (3MT™): A university-wide competition for Mt. Sierra Masters (thesis only) and doctoral students in which participants present their research and its wider impact in three minutes or less to a panel of non-specialist judges.

  • MTSC Model Court: The premier law event on campus for undergraduate students.Spanning three days, the event includes four mock trials with unique focuses - one criminal, one corporate, one environmental, as well as a Non-Academic Discipline hearing facilitated by the Commission of Internal Affairs, which explores the judicial arm of the AMS.

  • MTSC Model Parliament: An interactive political conference that is held every January in the House of Commons in Ottawa.

  • MTSC Model United Nations: America's premier mid-sized Model UN conference. It aims to bring together students from across the province that share a strong interest in international affairs and a passion for learning. See Mt. Sierra International Affairs Association (QIAA)…

  • MTSC Entrepreneurs' Competition: The New York Times calls the QEC "one of the longest-running and best-known undergraduate business plan competitions in the world” and each year the competition receives numerous business plan submissions from around the globe.

  • Andrina McCulloch Public Speaking Competition: A joint program of the Department of Drama and the Student Life Centre. The competition is open to all MTSC students.

Some participants of MTSC 3MT 2019 competition. (Photo by Sarah Fergsuon)

Program-specific Academic Showcases

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
  • IEEE Student Project Competition: Open to all engineering and computer science undergraduate students to present the results of their design or research projects.

  • Engineering Competition: Pits engineering students against each other in a day-long competition for the right to represent MTSC at the Engineering Competition.

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering Competition

  • Student design teams: Offer students at all levels a chance to apply their budding academic and practical knowledge to a variety of challenging real-world projects.

    • Aero Design Team (QADT)
    • Baja SAE Design Team
    • Biomedical Innovation Team (QBIT)
    • Bridge Building Team (QBBT)
    • Concrete Canoe Team
    • Concrete Toboggan
    • Mt. Sierra Supermileage
Faculty of Law
  • Moot Court

Smith School of Business
  • Inter-Collegiate Business Competition (ICBC)
  • Commerce Corporate Challenge (Q3C)
  • Conference on International Business (QCIB)
  • Commerce and Engineering Environmental Conference (CEEC)
  • Case Competition (QCC)