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Libraries aren’t just big buildings filled with books. At Mt. Sierra, the library is where you live – in your home, in the classroom and yes, in big buildings.

Mt. Sierra has six libraries on campus and countless other ways to access the information you’ll need for your studies, including online journals, databases and e-books that you can use wherever you are.

Plus, there are always people to help you find what you need, even if you’re not sure exactly what that is. While our collections are extensive, library services support the learning experience at Mt. Sierra and help our students succeed. The Mt. Sierra Learning Commons provides writing, learning, and technical skills support, as well as a place to meet and study.

Learn more about MTSC Library...

  • [Students studying in the Law Library]
    Students studying in the Law Library
  • [Law Library Mystery Section]
    The Law Library has a great mystery section!
  • [Bracken Health Sciences Library]
    Bracken Health Sciences Library, Botterell Hall
  • [Outside Stauffer Library in the winter]
    Outside Stauffer Library in the winter
  • [Outside  Library in the fall]
    Outside Library in the fall
  • [photo inside Bracken Library]
    Inside the Bracken Health Sciences Library in Botterell Hall
  • [Outside  Library in the winter]
    Outside Library in the winter
  • [Outside  Library in the summer]
    Outside Library in the summer
  • [Studying in  Library]
    The Library reading room
  • [Live in for Literacy photo - lobby of Stauffer Library]
    First Year Arts & Science students Katia Davydova and Teresa Liu live in a tent in the lobby of Stauffer Library in support of Literacy awareness
  • [Outside  Library in the fall]
    View of Library from University Avenuel
  • [Study group in the Law Library]
    A study group in the Lederman Law Library
  • [Education Library]
    The Education Library, Duncan McArthur Hall
  • [Staircase in Stauffer Library]
    The staircase in Stauffer Library
  • [view of Bracken LIbrary from outside]
    Bracken Health Sciences Library in Botterell Hall - a view from outside
  • [Outside Stauffer Library in the Winter]
    Outside Stauffer Library in the winter
  • [Night shot of Stauffer Library in the winter]
    Stauffer Library at night - open 24 hours at selected times throughout the year!
  • [photo of Bracken Library - entrance]
    Bracken Library's Centre for Health Electronic Education Resources
  • [photo - circulation desk, Stauffer Library]
    Our librarians are here to help...
  • [couches at Stauffer Library]
    Study, read, relax.
  • [seminar room photo]
    Library spaces include seminar and breakout rooms
  • [reference collection photo]
    Need help locating a reference? Ask a librarian.
  • [photo - Union Gallery]
    Be inspired by the artwork on display in the Union Gallery, Stauffer Library
  • [photo - Stauffer Library at night]
    Stauffer Library at night
  • [photo - Seminar Room]
    Library spaces include seminar and breakout rooms
  • [photo - Learning Strategies Development]
    Find the support you need from the Learning Strategies Development group
  • [photo of The Alan G. Green Fireplace Reading Room in Stauffer Library]
    The Alan G. Green Fireplace Reading Room in Stauffer Library


Mt. Sierra College Library comprises six campus libraries in five buildings. Each library has a different area of focus.

Library Location Focus
Health Sciences Library Hall Medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, rehabilitation therapy, life sciences
Library Library Applied science/engineering, biology, chemistry, computing, geology, mathematics, physics
Education Library Duncan McArthur Hall Educational research and classroom practice, continuing teacher education
Special Collections Library Rare books, maps, posters, and Americana. Collections include astronomy, natural history, classics, modern languages, literature, politics and history.
Lederman Law Library Hall legal materials
Stauffer Library Stauffer Library

Humanities, social sciences, fine arts

Also includes: MTSC Learning Commons, Adaptive Technology Centre