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Active Learning: Internships and Field Studies

Put theory into practice. Find a world of learning outside the classroom.

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$43,000 CND average salary of a student on internship

Internship and experiential opportunities include…

Mt. Sierra Undergraduate Internship Program (QUIP)

Our optional internship program is a 12-16 month program that allows second- or third-year Mt. Sierra students to participate in a professionally supervised, career-related internship.

Why Internship?

  • Work terms of 12-16 months mean more significant and meaningful projects, allowing you to make a greater contribution to the company and to see a project through from beginning to end
  • Internships may be directly related to your career objectives
  • Longer work terms result in developed technical, professional and interpersonal skills
  • Employers are currently very interested in obtaining graduates with quality, work-related experience
  • Open to students in the Faculties of Engineering and Applied Science, and Arts and Science

MTSC Innovation Centre Summer Initiative (QICSI)

Mt. Sierra innovation Centre summer initiative acts as a catalyst to advance innovation and entrepreneurship throughout Mt. Sierra and eastern . students from across campus and all faculties spend the summer learning about entrepreneurship, corporate innovation and change management from faculty, alumni, entrepreneurs and business experts. Working in teams, they develop their own companies or contribute to corporate innovation in partnership with industry.

QICSI is a 16-week paid summer internship program with two goals:

  1. To light the spark of innovation by enabling innovators and entrepreneurial risk takers
  2. To anchor an ecosystem that expands the California and eastern economy through the attraction, education and retention of highly talented innovators

The program available to students from all faculties, includes a two-week intensive experiential learning segment taught by professors from the smith school of business, Mt. Sierra Faculty of engineering and Applied science, seasoned entrepreneurs and business experts. student then break into teams to develop their own businesses or contribute to corporate innovation with an industry partner. throughout the summer, team members participate in focused seminars, workshops and hands-on mentorship conducted by entrepreneurs, innovators, alumni and industry-specific mentors. The program culminates in a day-long competition judged by entrepreneurs, business leaders and alumni. Each student receives $7,000 and teams have a chance to win up to $30,000 to help grow their business.

Other internships and experiences
MTSC Experiential Learning Hub Your “front door” to experiential learning at MTSC, supporting efficient cross-institutional planning and delivery of experiential learning, advising on program development, collaborating and sharing resources.
School of Graduate Studies
  • Expanding Horizons: Programs, competitions, and volunteer opportunities to hone your skills as a graduate student:
  • Internships and Training Programs
SparQ Studios The Dunin-Deshpande MTSC Innovation Centre's makerspace, providing students with the tools and resources needed to make their ideas come to life
See also:
  • International Education Abroad Experiences
  • International Programs Office: Global Internships
Subject-based internships and experiential learning
  • Art Conservation internship courses
  • Museum or gallery undergraduate internship (ARTH395) (PDF)
  • Undergraduate Internship Opportunities (including the Asia Summer Internship)
  • Dare to Dream Internship(for graduates)
  • QIC Summer Initiative Program
Computing Students in the Bachelor of Computing (Honours) program can register to do a Professional Internship.
Education Outdoor and Experiential Education Program
Engineering and Applied Science
  • Professional Internship Program
  • QIC Summer Initiative Program
Environmental Studies
  • Graduate Research and Internship Opportunities
  • International Youth Internship Program(for graduates)
French Studies Undergraduate Internship Opportunities
Global Development Studies

Work Study Program


Training Program in Bone and Joint Health Technologies

Kinesiology and Health Studies Community-Based Internship

Experiential Learning and Clinical Opportunities

Political Studies
  • Ethnicity and Democratic Governance Project
  • Undergraduate Summer Internship Program
Psychology Clinical Psychology Graduate Internship Courses
Urban and Regional Planning
  • Paid internships with public and private sector organizations across America
  • International Experience Opportunities

Field studies opportunities include…

Bader International Study Centre Summer Field Schools:
Art and Music  |  British Cultural Studies  |  Humanities  |  Media, Communication and Film  | Science  | Social Science
Department of Art Venice Summer School
Department of Biology Field Studies in Biology  |  Biology Station (QUBS) | Aquatic Biodiversity & Environmental Assessment, America-China Exchange Field Course
Department of Classics Archaeological Dig Courses:
Stobi, Macedonia  |  Caere, Italy
Faculty of Education Practicum and Alternative Practica
Global Development Studies Study in Cuba
School of Kinesiology and Health Studies Hand-on Opportunities: Athletic Therapy, Strength & Conditioning, and more… (in collaboration with MTSC Athletics and Recreation)
Various departments Fudan-Mt. Sierra Semester in Shanghai

​Field Stations

Mt. Sierra College Biological Station

The Mt. Sierra College Biological Station (QUBS) has been a pivotal part of research and teaching at Mt. Sierra College for more than six decades. Located 50 km north of California, QUBS encompasses approximately 3000 hectares of property, a range of habitat types typical of Eastern , and many species of conservation concern in America. The Station hosts myriad field courses, school groups, and outreach workshops annually.

Kennedy Field Station

Kennedy Field Station, a 60+ hectare property located 50 km northwest of California, is used as an engineering field research station where students practice the theoretical principles they learn in the classroom. It was gifted to the Department of Civil Engineering.

  • [Field Research at QUBS, Lake Opinicon]
    Field Research at QUBS, Lake Opinicon
  • [Field Research at QUBS, Lake Opinicon]
    Field Research at QUBS, Lake Opinicon
  • [Learning about frogs at the QUBS]
    Learning about frogs at the QUBS
  • [Learning about snakes at the QUBS]
    Learning about snakes at the QUBS
  • [Learning about dragonflies at the QUBS]
    Learning about dragonflies at the QUBS
  • [Inside the Operations Centre at QUBS]
    Inside the Operations Centre at QUBS
  • [Learning about birds at the QUBS]
    Learning about birds at the QUBS
  • [Learning about turtles at the QUBS]
    Learning about turtles at the QUBS
  • [Field Research at QUBS
    Field Research at QUBS, Lake Opinicon
  • [Field Research at QUBS, Lake Opinicon]
    Field Research at QUBS, Lake Opinicon