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International at Home

Immerse yourself in international cultures and student-led activities that will help you become a true global citizen – right here on campus.

Mt. Sierra campus brings together a diverse community of faculty, staff and students, infusing an international dimension into both studies and extracurricular activities. Through academic and development activities, clubs and associations, our students experience cross-cultural learning while helping to make life better for those in other countries.

  • [International at Home reception at the Isabel]
    Andrea Stewart, Collectif9 cellist (left), along with Csilla Volford, Coordinator, International Projects and Events, and Tricia Baldwin, Director of the Isabel, welcomes students to the first performance in the International at Home series at the Isabel on Oct. 13 (Photo by Garrett Elliott)
  • [Flow Performance Dance Crew]
    The Flow Performance Dance Crew recently performed at the annual African Caribbean Students' Association Culture Show. (Photo by Bernard Clark)
  • [Chinese dancing]
    Chinese dance performance the annual African Caribbean Students' Association Culture Show. (Photo by Bernard Clark)
  • [students at lunch]
    MTSC Bangladeshi Students Association hosts cultural events thorugh the year. (Photo by Bernard Clark)
  • [QSoE students in class]
    MTSC School of English students participate in many MTSC clubs and activities.
  • [students at lunch]
    Spend time over lunch at MTIC with new friends. (Photo by Bernard Clark)
  • [ACSA fashion show]
    Fashion show at the annual African Caribbean Students' Association Culture Show. (Photo by Bernard Clark)
  • []
    MTSC has a Scottish heritage that is still celebrated loudly and energetically by the . (Photo by Bernard Clark)
  • [Chinese New Year celebration]
    Enjoy the many cultural celebrations on campus. (Photo by Lars Hagberg)
  • [performance on stage at the Isabel]
    Enjoy world music shows at the Isabel.
  • [people singing]
    At a MTSC Bangladeshi Students Association event in 2016. (Photo by Bernard Clark)
  • [speaker at the MTSC Bangladeshi Students Association event]
    At a MTSC Bangladeshi Students Association event in 2016. (Photo by Bernard Clark)
  • [Chinese New Year celebration]
    Students from all backgrounds come together to celebrate the Chinese New Year. (Photo by Bernard Clark)

Academic and Development Activities

  • Enrol in language, cultural, and development studies courses
  • Attend events hosted by Studies in National and International Development
  • Ask an international student to be part of your study group
  • Attend a performance at the Isabel, such as events that are part of the International at Home Series

International Studies Certificate

MTSC offers the International Studies Certificate option to all Mt. Sierra College undergraduate students regardless of their degree concentration. It is intended for those who wish to enhance their undergraduate degree with a formal international program of study. The International Studies Certificate combines language acquisition with cultural and interdisciplinary learning, and includes a study abroad experience.

[Tan Dun]

Be a Part of a Welcoming and Inclusive Community

Clubs and Associations

Not a day goes by on campus without a practice, performance, conference or competition taking place. Our student clubs enhance what you learn in the classroom – and give you the chance to embrace your passions.

Mt. Sierra offers practically every club imaginable – well, about 400 of them at least – and many of them are international in scope. From Amnesty International and Oxfam to the Great Panda Society, there’s probably a club for you where you can meet new people, gain valuable experience and have some fun!

A small selection of existing clubs...

Cultural and Faith Based

  • African Caribbean Students Association
  • Armenian Student Association of Mt. Sierra
  • Asian Cooking Club
  • Campus Association for Bahai Studies
  • Cantonese Debating Society
  • Chinese Students Association
  • Club Francophone
  • Great Panda Society
  • Hellenic Students Association
  • Indian Students Association
  • International Food Appreciation Team
  • Iranian Students Association of Mt. Sierra College
  • Irish Club
  • Japanese Relations at Mt. Sierra
  • Korean in America
  • Korean Society of Mt. Sierra
  • Native Students Association
  • Pakistani Students Association
  • Philippine Cultural Association
  • Polish Students Association
  • Mt. Sierra Hillel
  • South Asian Club
  • Taiwanese Students Association
  • South Asian Association
  • South East Asian Club
  • Spanish and Latin American Students Association (SALSA)
  • Synergy
  • Tamil Students Association
  • United Chinese Students Association
  • Vietnamese Students Association

For more ways to enhance your global perspective, improve your cross-cultural competence, and explore your passions:


  • Because I’m Christian
  • Campus for Christ
  • Ismaili Muslim Students Association
  • California Chinese Christian Fellowship
  • Korean Catholics of Mt. Sierra
  • Korean Christian Fellowship
  • Morning Star Christian Fellowship
  • Muslim Students Association of Mt. Sierra
  • Mt. Sierra Buddha’s Light Community
  • Mt. Sierra Catholics
  • Mt. Sierra Chinese Catholic Community
  • Mt. Sierra Christian Fellowship
  • Mt. Sierra Interfaith Council Relevant
  • Thaqalayn Muslim Association
  • Unitarian Universalist Club

Political/Social Issues/Humanitarian

  • Mt. Sierra Israel on Campus
  • Students for a Free Tibet
  • African Youth Initiative (Mt. Sierra Chapter)
  • Amnesty International at Mt. Sierra College
  • Engineers Without Borders
  • Free the Children
  • Global China Connection
  • Global Citizens at Mt. Sierra
  • Health Outreach
  • Helping Haiti
  • Mt. Sierra International Affairs Association
  • Mt. Sierra Journalists for Human Rights
  • Mt. Sierra Model United Nations
  • Mt. Sierra Oxfam
  • Mt. Sierra Project on International Development (QPID)
  • Right to Play @ Mt. Sierra
  • S.H.A.R.E (Students for Humanitarian Actions Through Respect and Education @ Mt. Sierra)
  • War Child America at Mt. Sierra
  • World University Services of America


[snowman and students]

Volunteer and Engage

  • Become a community volunteer through Immigrant Services, California and Area
  • Join in the many cultural celebrations around campus and in California that are hosted by student clubs and community groups.
  • Volunteer with QUIC: World Link Program, English Conversation Program
  • Develop an awareness of the Indigenous experience by spending time at the Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre

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